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“Thanks the person who shared this link you will receive a voucher of 5 euros if you sign up

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We select the best products and brands in the horse-riding world.

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How do we do?


    Unlike other sites that sell products for horses and riders, where offers are decided by site owners without listening to riders' needs, we survey all members and define our offers by listening to our community’s needs.


    Once we have collected our customers’ opinions, we put them in order of preference, and then we contact the manufacturer with a mind to creating a unique offer. It will be unique because, unlike other sites that boast of having thousands of products, Equioffer focuses on the most popular product in the community and produces an offer that can be found nowhere else in the market.


    Unlike all the other shops, we bring thousands of riders, all at once, to the manufacturer and in doing so enables us to negotiate much lower prices. 


    To simplify, we could say that we are the only site that is really on the side of the horse riders, the only site that really listens to their needs, and, thanks to working together, we can create offers like no-one else!

“Thanks to those who shared this link you will receive a voucher of 5 euros if you sign up within 24 hours

Top Rated Offer

The animo brand is one of the most coveted within equioffer

“Thanks to those who shared this link you will receive a voucher of 5 euros if you sign up within 24 hours

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We offer a 60-day refund guarantee (the best in the business) without asking any questions. So, buy without fear! with us you cannot make mistakes!

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Our answers are timely and we are always available – even over the weekend. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We pride ourselves on always being present.

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Customer Reviews

What they say about us

I like it because there are people who don't want to spend too much on something that could be ruined, like the shins. Prices are really very low.
Riding is high on my list of priorities, and being a student, I never like to ask my parents for money. I love this project because I can buy 3 saddle pads for the normal price of 1. I loved the fact that there is an assistant that listened to me via email, involved me and answered the various questions I had very quickly.
I've been riding for 2 years, and quickly realized that to have everything you need, especially if it’s branded, you really have to spend a lot of money. It might well seem strange, but for us riders the money is spent in our sport, not just because it is expensive but because we love the horse more than ourselves and enjoy spoiling it. For example, if I had 1000 euros, I would not spend them on iPhones or expensive brands of clothes, I would spend the money on a good quality saddle for my horse so that I know he will be comfortable. Naturally, we spend money on products that we don’t immediately need but because they can prevent illness in our horses. And that's why I love Equioffer. This site allows me to buy more things for my horse, including top quality famous and prestigious brands, for less money. I LOVE EQUIOFFER.
Equioffer can bring enormous advantages, in fact I hope to see the participation of as many riders as possible. As soon as I found out what this project was all about, I didn't hesitate to sign up. It is an awesome and thoroughly achievable thing that a large number of requests for a product will benefit manufacturer, seller and customer; far more so than the manufacture and purchase of a single product alone. Everyone benefits from this offer: manufacturers who can confidently make products that they know will sell as horse riders will be able to afford them at the prices generated by the manner of ordering. I find her a genius. I have a lot of confidence in this project!

Hello everyone!
I'm Ale and I really believe in this new project. I was very hesitant to begin with, I admit, in fact I did not immediately sign up; then a friend of mine sent me the link on WhatsApp and I jumped straight in. Having seen the video that you find immediately after signing up, I have become more and more convinced that this project will take hold rapidly. Share, and let us know more about this project because in my opinion it will be indispensible to all Italian horse riders! Hugs

Hello Equioffer, if I have to be honest about your company, I love the fact that you have got all horse riders to collaborate!
Hello Equioffer, what do I like most about this project? What can I say? Surely being part of a community with the same passion and having the opportunity to buy quality products at lower prices, is the dream of all of us horse enthusiasts who always seem to arrive at the end of the month with moths in our wallets.
I think Equioffer is a great project and I'm happy to be a part of it.
The Equioffer project is awesome!
I like many things about Equioffer. One of these is the "human" contact, being able to have your say, being able to choose and propose all together and feeling that I am a part of a project, a beautiful project. There are plenty of people who work two jobs and make immense sacrifices for their passion, and this is a real money-saving initiative.
Hello! I love the idea and the way that you are proposing to bring prices down whilst maintaining quality. I hope in my little way to help you as much as possible, because I believe in this project, it is just what is needed!
I am excited about this initiative, as it finally gives a voice to those who love this sport, and enables them to select the most suitable products for ourselves and our horses!

Grazie per aver proposto questa splendida iniziativa!!! Ho aderito subito al progetto 😎 Aiutare i cavalieri con l'acquisto di prodotti utili per accudire il Nostro Miglior Amico e spendere meno per i vari accessori necessari per le gare è fantastico.

Hello, I immediately took the opportunity to make my small contribution in this original and truly useful initiative of yours. We weren't expecting anything else!
Equioffer is based upon pure human contact, it allows everyone to have their say and gives the possibility of being a real people project. It must also be said that Equioffer removes a great prejudice: the belief that riding is only for rich people. I am not wealthy, and I believe that this project can help all those people who, like me, make so many sacrifices to follow their dream!
I think it's a beautiful initiative!
A fantastic idea that involved me right from the start. I'm now trying to bring as many people as possible to this project. I had a little technical problem so I wrote to support and they resolved everything very quickly. Super stuff!
Equioffer is unique. There are no other sites in the equestrian world quite like this. I'm really glad that I decided to put my trust in Equioffer. At first, I admit that I was a little hesitant because it is a new way of doing things, and that can sometimes be a little scary, but in the end, I decided to trust it and I did not regret it at all. Finally, something new!!
Good morning Equioffer, what I want to say is that with this platform you can save a lot of money. Why go and empty your wallet when you can save? I invite everyone to join this community because I think the idea behind it is really great!!!
I discovered Equioffer just as I was looking for riding items online at low prices. It is an impossible feat, though, to find the item you want, in the right size, of course, and also at an affordable price. After a long search I had just about given up, but then, among the stories on Instagram I spotted your advertisement. I decided to sign up immediately and take advantage of the offers. Equioffer is able to please all those who, like me, cannot afford to spend large sums of money in order to maintain our horses, which is a precious part of our life! ♥️
What immediately thrilled me about Equioffer is their soul, a soul that listens and helps all horse riders, indiscriminately, to make their dreams come true. Immediately after joining this program they welcomed me and answered all my questions, immediately; a sign that they are really interested in interacting with every single rider!! It really feels that they regard the horse-riding community as a family. Each of us is Equioffer, I AM EQUIOFFER.

Idea spettacolare, finalmente un sito che pensa alle esigenze di TUTTI i cavalieri, Non come gli altri dove i prezzi sono alla portata solo dei più "benestanti".
Sono veramente felice di questa iniziativa, spero solo si inizi il prima possibile 🤞💪

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